Take Control of Your Design Tools, from Expereinced and Certified Professional Instructors

At Autodesk, sustainability is about creating technology that improves energy and material productivity. It’s about supporting innovators through grants, software donations and training. And it’s about leading by example with our own operations, advancing sustainability business practices and supporting every employee to make a positive impact.

The objective of integrating this programme is to increase the technical skill development of the students with respect to the Industry demand by enabling learning through Innovative Technology. And also to help students and corporates to take a proactive role in their education and projects. Ensure students are prepared and inspired to make a positive impact on the world, through great design.

The programme is completely “PROJECT BASED LEARNING” which makes students to be innovative and creative not merely users of the tools. And to Work with knowledgeable instructors in quiet classroom settings utilizing sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications.

Focused Areas for Training:

  • Platform
  • Building Design & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing & Product Design tools: – CADMATE Mechanical
  • FDP’s/ Student design competition
  • Student expert Programme

Autodesk Certification and Training

Competition for talent is fierce in today’s marketplace. Universities want to enroll the smartest, most committed students and equip them for professional success after they graduate. Employers want to attract and retain well-qualified, ambitious professionals who not only work hard, but also help them win new projects and gain industry recognition. Students and professionals just want to get ahead—and stay there.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Autodesk Certified

Set yourself apart and receive industry recognition  for your proven expertise with Autodesk® software. Autodesk® Certification is a validation that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively meet the needs of your company.

Autodesk continually improves its software offerings; show your school or employer that you are ahead of the curve by earning certification on the most recent release of the software.

Preparing for certification helps improve your performance by strengthening your existing skills and developing new skills through your study of the exam objectives. Add value to your company by focusing on the skills, projects, and assignments that are important to your employer and your industry.

Certification is a step toward defining yourself beyond a job description or academic degree while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction. Earning certification can bring prestige and recognition from your peers.

Certification can give you an advantage when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. Certification clearly identifies you as an employee who is committed to your job and the industry. Because Autodesk Certification is offered around the world, your credential is portable.

Not everyone can meet the rigorous requirements of Autodesk Certification. Become a member of the exclusive club of professionals who met program requirements through study and commitment. When  you earn Autodesk Certification, you receive an official Autodesk Certificate, Autodesk logo, and a listing in Autodesk’s database of certified professionals around  the world.

Get certified on software used by more than 10 million professionals in 185 countries. Autodesk products help save time and money, enable effective collaboration, and change the way ideas are realized. A world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, Autodesk is helping design professionals transform challenges into opportunities, design in better ways, and gain competitive advantage.

Autodesk, together with its partners and Autodesk Certification Centers, offers a variety of solutions to help you prepare for certification. These include exam preparation road maps, assessment tests, Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG), and courses at Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC®) sites. These certification solutions are available around the world.

 Whether you are just starting to use Autodesk software or you’re an experienced professional, you can choose the level that is right for you. There are three levels of certification: user, associate, and professional. The associate exam is the most broadly available.

 Autodesk offers performance-based professional-level tests. Performance-based tests are recognized as a better way to certify using live Autodesk software applications to answer questions about design problems and solutions.


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